Friday, December 17, 2010

The Blogs

Here are the links to the now open blogs.  The competition is over and you're free to spy on each other's blogs as much as you like!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Homework week 15

Due Tues 4th Jan

1. Sort out any gaps/issues identified in the feedback on your blog, mainly relating to facts/evidence/theory. Do this as soon as possible as the blogs will be used by everybody from now on for essay preparation. You will find a lot of what you need in your folders or in the resources provided, but most importantly you should be using the list of theoretical concepts identified in the original blog posts at the start of the task. Re-read the task instructions and your feedback before proceeding.

2. Fill in the chart that I have given you as preparation for the essay, which you will now write during the first week back in January. Advice: Reference the blogs to help you do a good job of this - no gaps please.

3. Revise this half term's work. Read through all your folder sheets, and learn your theoretical terms, ready to do a good job of your practice essays in January

Deadline: Bring your completed chart to the lesson on Tuesday 4th January. During this lesson we will plan and start the first essay.

You will be writing 2 essays in 2 weeks, so be ready for action!
Miss B x